Oriental Inspired الهام من الشرق

Saif Al-Khayyat (Oud)
Rageed William (Ney)
Thomas Kolarczyk (Bass)
Nora Thiele (Percussion)

The program includes pieces of music from old classical Arabic music and oriental Arabic traditional songs that are newly prepared as well as improvisations and new compositions inspired by old Arabic maqams and rhythms.

One of the tasks of the musicians in this unique music project of this kind was to continue to research and preserve the Old Arabic music traditions and to integrate them into new innovations of our time such as European classical music and jazz, while preserving the roots of authentic Arabic music.
The music takes the listener on a musical journey to the east and carries him in a wonderful oriental atmosphere through the voices of the oldest musical instruments of ancient times such as Oud (arabic lute) Nay (arabic flute) and authentic Arabic rhythms as well as with the Armenian instrument Duduk and the Bass give the listener a warm sound.

ALKHAYYAT Quartet Tufa