Duo “Inspiration from Orient”

Arabic classical music for lute and flute

Saif Al-Khayyat (IRAK/D) Oud
Rageed William (IRAK/D) Nay

Saif Al-Khayyat and Rageed William have known each other since childhood; they both studied Iraqi and Arabic classical music at the Institute for Music in Baghdad. Their music is called a healing for the soul, you touch your listeners and bring them into a dreamlike atmosphere. The two musicians are masters of their instruments, they play one of the oldest musical instruments in the world that existed in ancient times. Her music program includes old pieces of music from different eras as well as new compositions and improvisations on the Maqam music of the old Arabic traditional music scales.

The nay (Arabic flute) is a musical wind instrument used in Oriental Takht Sharqi music are the basic instruments in Arabic music. The bamboo is built from a hollow tube, open both directions, which has been used since ancient Babylonians and ancient Egyptians using this instrument. The instrument has different sizes depending on the tone you play with, there is a nay for each tone. The instrument consists of nine bamboo parts, the six holes on the front and one hole in the back that is played by the thumb.